Collectors Issue No. 3

Collectors Issue No. 3

This issue is dedicated to Dale Evans— “Queen of the West”


Michael Landon: “The Unlikeliest Hero?”

Robert Fuller: “Cowboy King of Cool”

A.C. Lyles: “Gentleman of the West”

Robert Vaughn: “Exclusive Interview”

Dawn Wells: “Island Girl Gone West”

“Tribute to Clayton Moore”

Marc Lawrence: “Gangster Goes West”

Don Durant is: “Johnny Ringo”

Ed Faulkner: “The Great behind the Greats”

“Radio Westerns”

William H. Clothier, Cameraman

Zon Murray: “The Black Hat”


“Wrapping with Wrangler” by Melody Patterson

Michael Landon: “The Cowboy Who Cared” >by John Lodge

“Where the West Was Shot” by Graham Hill

“Dave’s List-Top 10 Villains” by Dave Ferrier

“Nothin’ Like Westerns!” by Peter Breck

Movie Reviews

The Man Called Noon 
Along the Great Divide Ride Lonesome
The Wild Bunch
The Mark of Zorro
 Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
The Last of the Mohicans
The Long Riders
A Bullet for the General

Music Review

Mike Moroff

New Books

“Across the Brazos”
“The Trail Beyond, Volume II”


Jester Hairston Claire Trevor Leo Gordon Fran Ryan Dale Evans George Montgomery Rex Allen Jim Varney Victor Mature Jason Robards Stanley Kramer Hank Snow Steve Reeves Walter Matthau Julie London Burt Kennedy Toni Wayne LaCava Glenn Payne Muriel Evans Marie Windsor Ray Walston Werner Klemperer Billy Barty Jimmy Davis Pee Wee King Richard Farnsworth.