Peter Breck

With my fists and my fury I wiped up the floor with George Kennedy, Claude Akins, James Whitmore, and even a bartender who may have looked at me funny. With my six guns I shot bullets in all the right places, and that’ wherever I was aiming at the time. With my mouth I hurled back the insults and also shouted louder on the ranch (and in the house) than any other Barbara Stanwyck could name. A man of action, and that’s putting it lightly, was who I was on The Big Valley between 1965 and 1968, while playing my Nick Barkley character. But Peter Breck also has some real hell to raise….
If we were to count how many Westerns have won and been nominated for Oscars, we’d run out of patience from thinking too long before we’d run out of fingers. Kinda strange, after all these years of Oscar and classic Westerns. What I really have trouble figuring out is why the Academy has overlooked Glenn Ford.
Glenn Ford did an awful lot of good work. And he’s not just a “Western” guy. Who can forget him as the stymied teacher in Blackboard Jungle, as the cool-as-a-cucumber admiral in Midway, as the do-gooder dude in Pocketful of Miracles, or as the tough detective in The Big Heat. He’s worn white hats and black, white collars and blue, uniforms and trench coats…the man could do it all.
But, if we’re gonna talk about Westerns, Glenn Ford made some of the finest with some of the best directors of his day. Many men of that era like Glenn Ford, Ken Maynard, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and John Wayne were showmen who happened to get themselves on celluloid playing cowboys. They were around at the time when the Old West was not necessarily vanishing as the say, but transforming into a modern America, and Westerns were at this time evolving from silents into talkies. But the Old Cowboy – the rugged individualist that was a private type of man who didn’t butt into someone else’s business and wouldn’t appreciate someone butting into his — had not been forgotten……………………..