The Unforgiven

(1960) Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn, Audie Murphy,
Lillian Gish, Doug McClure, Charles Bickford, Albert Salmi,
John Saxon, Carlos Rivas.

Burt Lancaster is the patriarchal brother and protector of the
Zachary Family — Audie Murphy, Doug McClure, and Audrey
Hepburn — who have lost their father in a massacre. Lillian Gish
portrays their sweet, stern mother.

In this adventure, the Zacharys are taunted by a mysterious
ghost-like, one-eyed soldier. Seeking personal revenge upon the
family for a “hurt” caused by the late Mr. Zachary, the soldier
spreads rumors that Rachel (Hepburn), who was adopted as a baby,
is a Kiowa Indian. Ultimately the “crazy, old man” ends up executed,
but the fuel from his ramblings is enough to get things heated up a
bit — with the Indians anxious to take Rachel ‘home,” and the white
neighbors just as anxious to toss her to them.